Siv & Åke | VIRKI Exhibition
Art exhibition with VIRKI at Siv & Åke Vintage Shop in Stockholm.
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VIRKI @ Siv & Åke Vintage Shop

VIRKI Exhibition at Siv & Åke Vintage Store

VIRKI @ Siv & Åke Vintage Shop

Hello people!

It’s time for another exhibition! This time we would like to welcome VIRKI (Vira Kiktso).
About: “My passion is drawing black and white, but I also experiment with colors. I use a wide range of materials and tools, but I mostly work with ink, pencil, marker and watercolor on paper. All of my artworks are hand made while digital touch is only used to perfect the artwork”

When: 31st of March, 1900-2200
RSVP: Name and ID number to info(replace with (a)t sign)

Come by and have a chat!